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Creating Meaningful Spaces: Our Mission Behind Interior Design

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The Monochrome Edit i s a luxury Interior Design studio that intersects cinema, music, and Interior Design. Monochrome focuses on both Residential and Commercial clients that are passionate about investing in branded timeless spaces .


Prior to launching the Monochrome Edit, Shannon designed workplace and amenity spaces in New York City and Brooklyn for the top Architectural firms . Her approach to design is multifaceted and draws inspiration from her breadth of experience living in major cities with access to top tier design resources . Her signature style i s monochrome, timeless , with hint s of visual interest in art, plant s and design.

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Our services


A modern and luxury interior design firm in Los Angeles provides clients with designer-crafted spaces that are tailored to their unique needs. With a team of talented designers, architects, and artisans, the Monochrome Edit creates luxurious interiors that exude beauty and sophistication. Our services include traditional designs, contemporary designs, and everything in between. Each project is an opportunity for us to make something memorable and exciting that our clients will love.

Work with Us

Book a complimentary 20-minute discovery call to discuss your design needs and the scope of your project. If you have a question that isn't answered in our FAQ, please fill out the contact form and time, will get back to you.

Our Portfolio

A Quick glance at some of our most recent work

Our process

How to Hire The Monochrome Edit


Discovery Call

The process begins with a free 20-minute virtual zoom meeting to discuss your design needs. From here we will be able to determine which service is the best fit for your space.


Design Proposal

Next we create a custom proposal with the services we'd recommend based on the details from our discovery call.


Client Approval - Onboarding

Once you receive your proposal via email you have (2) business days to decide if we are the right fit. Next we will send the design contact, and client onboarding package.

Our Simple Design Process

Once we've completed your Discovery call, we can begin our simple 6-step process.

  1. Onboarding + Contract
  2. Detailed Design Survey
  3. Spatial/Field Measurements
  4. Schematic Design
  5. Design Development

  6. Installation


Onboarding + Contract


Detailed Design Survey


Spatial/Field Measurements


Schematic Design


Design Development



Don’t take our word for it

Some recent testimonials from our local clients should do the trick!

Photo of the couple in a testimonial for Monochrome Services

“She turned our two-bedroom home into a fabulous oasis”

Shanon was an absolute master at interior design. She turned our two-bedroom home into a fabulous oasis - one that was full of life and energy. Each room was perfectly planned and appointed with the utmost attention to detail, making our home look like it came straight out of a magazine spread. Subtle touches of color blended together to create warm and inviting spaces, while luxurious materials enhanced each space's comfort level. Shanon even managed to incorporate some unique artwork and décor pieces for an extra finishing touch that truly made it feel like our own personal sanctuary.

John & MArry L.
Culver City, CA
A portrait photo of a client of Monochrome Interior design.

“I’m always traveling but I love coming home...”

Shanon performed a design miracle with my one-bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles. She managed to maximize the tiny space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that felt both cozy and contemporary. I’m always traveling but I love coming home when I see her clever use of furniture placement. It opened up the main room so that it seemed larger than it actually was, while also creating distinct spots for relaxing, cooking and sleeping. She also had an eye for detail, choosing high-quality pieces that added character without overwhelming the space. Thanks!

Yuli H.
Downtown LA, CA
Photo of Client's Chris and Yaya M that hired Monochrome's services for interior design

“Each room felt distinct yet connected”

Before we moved into our new home we solicited Shanon's exceptional interior design skills. She seamlessly blended a range of elements - from modern furnishings to vintage artwork - to create a truly unique atmosphere that made the home feel like it was actually ours. Each room felt distinct yet connected, allowing those who entered to explore and discover something new each time. Moreover, Shanon was able to incorporate elements that truly spoke to our personalities - creating a space that truly fit us and our lifestyle.

Chris & Yaya M.
Los Angeles, Ca